Wednesday, November 24, 2010

5 Places in Europe to Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving

Are you going to be overseas for Thanksgiving?  Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a traditional turkey feast with all the trimmings!  Here are five European cities serving up delicious Thanksgiving dinners this year:

•      BarcelonaThe American Society of Barcelona holds an annual Thanksgiving buffet dinner.  This year the buffet, which includes all the traditional dishes and then some, will be held at Hotel Arts Barcelona.

•      Brussels:  One of the American Club of Brussels’ most popular social events
every year is their Thanksgiving dinner, consisting of roast turkey, all the trimmings, and an assortment of real American pies.  This year it’s at the Sheraton Hotel, Brussels.

•      Berlin:  A Thanksgiving dinner buffet will be served at the Berlin Marriot and will feature live music.

•      LondonJW Steakhouse will be serving
up a festive Thanksgiving feast this year.  Other Thanksgiving dinners in the U.K.
can be found hereSt. Paul’s Cathedral in London also hosts an annual Thanksgiving Day service, attended by thousands of American residents and visitors.

•      Budapest:  The American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary offers a fully prepared holiday dinner that will be conveniently delivered to your doorsteps.  This turkey and goose delivery is available through December 31st.


  1. What a great post! The first time I went to London was over the Thanksgiving holiday. I was staying with a girl I knew through a co-worker of mine, and two of her guy friends took us out for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in Notting Hill. Now, if I could remember some other details of the night this might make a better story.... but it was fun, that much I recall! :)

  2. Love the post Sonja. Great idea. You don't want to be stuck in Europe unable to eat Turkey on Thanksgiving! Budapest sounds like a great place for a traditional feast.


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