Sunday, February 6, 2011

My One Wish

I have never asked to be rich.  I'm not spoiled.  I'm a sensible, frugal consumer.  But if there's ONE luxury I wish I could afford, or be gifted, or granted, it would be to never again fly on a plane for more than a few hours without a seat like this:

I'm not even asking for 1st class!  I don't need champagne, duck pâté, a warm, moist washcloth, or airline slippers.  Just a pillow, a blanket, and a fully reclined, completely horizontal, flat bed seat.

Hats off to Turkish Airlines for offering the seats in the picture above in their new Business Class!

Other North American and European carriers with business class flat bed seats are:

British Airways
Iberia Airlines
Swiss International
Air Canada
United Airlines

Someday my wish will come true!


  1. Having flown coach forever, I was THRILLED to be able to fly business class to Paris last year. Though I agree, the BEST part were the seats that spread across THREE windows when fully reclined, the champagne, filet mignon, cabernet sauvignon, hot fudge sundae bar, thick blankets, warm towels, omelettes, fresh biscuits and French preserves didn't HURT! I can't imagine flying internationally any other way now! We were fully rested (and fed!) and ready to hit the ground RUNNING once we landed in Paris! It's the only way to fly!

  2. Hot fudge sundae bar???? That changes things a little bit . . . I want 1st class!

  3. My kids saw the fully-reclined seats on our Air Canada flight to Paris and even my 4 year old was begging for them for the return trip!! I remember the days when Air France used to serve us champagne even in coach...none of our other flights seem to offer that. I wonder if they still do, or is reserved for business or 1st class...


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