Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Best Bratwurst in Town

I'm going to recommend a couple of good places to eat in Würzburg since I blogged so fondly about it yesterday.  For the best grab-it-and-go bratwurst sandwich in the entire city, head over to the Marktplatz (market place) which is the main square in Würzburg.  Next to the red and white church in the square there are a couple of sort of portable (but they're always there) food stands.  This is where you want to get a bratwurst with mustard.  Yummmm.  Here is my son enjoying his (and someone else's):

Right after you finish your bratwurst, turn towards that red and white church.  Next to it is an incredibly elaborate, yellow and white Baroque mansion with a Rococo stucco-work façade called the Falkenhaus, where you should take a few photos (since it's one of Würzburg's highlights).

Marienkapelle (church) and the Falkenhaus

And right next to the Falkenhaus, is a lovely and delicious little café called Café Michel.  This is where you want to get a cup of coffee and a pastry.

I challenge you to try not having
 a difficult time making a selection!


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