Friday, July 22, 2011

Photo Friday: The Dolomites

The town of Barbiano, Italy.

This is where my parents are vacationing at the moment.  In the spectacular Dolomites mountains of South Tyrol (Sudtirolo) in Italy.  What . . . me, jealous?

Thanks to Debbie Dubrow of Delicious Baby for creating and coordinating Photo Friday to link travel photos and blog posts across the web.


  1. Hopefully they're cool and comfortable - unlike the USA

  2. You are not? I'm jealous! :) Looks so postcard perfect.

  3. Well if your not jealous than I sure am! :-) I really need to get a plan together to go to Europe again ASAP. No more excuses.

  4. Yet another place I want to visit! :)

  5. Psst. I laugh in the face of cute, quaint, charming, little European towns!

    (No, just kidding. Rather, this is me weeping over here wanting to GO. THERE. Now. Your parents have a nice life!)

  6. I'm jealous too! The Dolomites are at the top of my list - hopefully we will be there next year!


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