Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Friday: Holy Cow!

I've posted numerous times how much I love alpine cows, but much to my disappointment we didn't see any grazing in Switzerland in December.  It was much too cold for them to be out and there was no grass, of course, for them to graze on.

No worries though.  The Swiss love their cows, and they can be found everywhere:

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  1. Love all the cows!! I normally link up at DeliciousBaby on Fridays too but noticed the link is not up yet? So, I would love it if you wouldn't mind linking up to my weekly meme about travel photos called "Friday Daydreamin'" - same concept - link a post with your favorite travel photos. No gimmicks - just more exposure to your post.


  2. Love the cows! My daughter would love that glass of milk with cows on it!

  3. Thank you for yet another good read. I live in both California and France, and have an idea for a blog post. Could you please let me know how to contact you?

    1. Hi Sherry - I went to your profile and website and found no way to contact you in order to give you my contact info. Wanna give me your email address here?

  4. Moooo! Very cute. Sorry the real cows weren't out, but these do make pretty good substitutes! :)

  5. Love the last photo. Not my ideal way to get to the top of a mountain, but I guess it gets you there.

  6. I love this, gotta love random cows everywhere, even if they're not in a pasture.

  7. I love how the cows are in such random places even the side of the building and the balcony. How cool to spot them walking through a Swiss village. How cool.


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