Friday, July 20, 2012

Photo Friday: An Unforgettable Moment

Fado singer serenades my daughter in Lisbon.

We arrived home safe and sound a few days ago from our three-week trip to Spain and Portugal.  Our journey was blessed with good fortune, our experiences were breathtaking and memorable, and our family time together was priceless.  We rarely see my high-school-aged daughter during the school year when she's either at a school activity or holed up in her bedroom studying, so these three weeks with her were precious.  My 13 year old son relaxed his adolescent impertinence once away from his friends and environment and transformed into his sweet, enjoyable self.  There were moments when the two of them walked together arm-in-arm or giggled at a private joke that brought tears to my eyes.  It's the reason I love family travel.  And the reason I love this photo of a fado singer serenading my daughter last week at a restaurant in Lisbon.

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  1. What a great photo and a great memory - she doesn't even look embarrassed by the attention!

  2. I'm always wondering what my kids will remember when they are older about all our adventures. I'm so thankful that as a military family that will move ALOT, they will always have each other. What a sweet memory you have from this trip.

  3. Great photo, I'm sure that your daughter loved it as well. Thank you very much for sharing.


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