Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Want Ice With That?

Have you ever asked for a glass of ice water in Europe?  'Cause this is what you'll get - if you're lucky. One ice cube floating in a glass.  Another time the waiter once brought us one small ice cube on a dish to add to our drink.  A large cup of crushed ice is unfortunately still foreign, even in the warm Mediterranean climates.


  1. We really don't know (or have at home) crushed ice... :-)

  2. And that one ice cube you're given melts immediately since the drink is probably warm. I don't think I'll ever get used to a warm drink on a warm day.

  3. ha, ha, ha!! right! sometimes they even do NOT give you tap water, making you buy bottled water. But truth is, I don't really like huge amount of ice they put in water in US. OK, I admit at times it may be useful, but come on, not in January! Also, I have the feeling that those huge ... jars of water do not really belong to upscale restaurants. And you still get them there as well!


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