Monday, March 18, 2013

Pelgrom Tavern in Antwerp

Atmosphere and authenticity is what you'll get when you visit Pelgrom Tavern and Restaurant in Antwerp, Belgium.  Don't let your children be spooked as they walk down the deep, dark staircase into the medieval cellar beneath one of Antwerp's charming little alleys.  

Step into medieval Pelgrom Tavern and Restaurant.

In this ancient underground cellar you can enjoy traditional Flemish food or a variety of local beers by medieval-style candlelight.  As a child my family came here often and I always loved the ambience.  My children did too when we took them there:

I guess Rick Steves has discovered Pelgrom Tavern and recommended it in one of his books, and now the restaurant is perhaps a bit more touristy than when I was a child and it was mostly frequented by locals.  Still, the long communal tables and intimate atmosphere invite conversation and a shared good time by everyone.


  1. I like the looks of this place, especially the burning candles how wonderful that would be to see!

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