Friday, August 9, 2013

I Spy the London Eye

As if a city with dungeons, pageantry, drawbridges, double-decker buses, and very large ravens wasn't enough fun for families with children, in 1999 London erected what was at that time the largest Ferris wheel in the world, right on the banks of the River Thames.  The London Eye, as it's known, is a must-do activity whether you're visiting the city with or without kids.

The passenger pods can each carry 25 people, and - believe it or not - they are air-conditioned.  (The Europeans are catching on!)  Passengers are free to walk around inside the oval-shaped, all-glass capsules, but there are benches to sit if you like.

View of a capsule from a capsule.

Seating inside the London Eye's passenger pods.

The most fabulous reason to take a ride on the London Eye is, of course, the 360° panorama of the city.  Views of the House of Parliament and its grand and noble Big Ben tower are a particular highlight from the top of the wheel.

The best way to see Big Ben.

Did you know that you can book your own private capsule package?  You can create your own theme party with food, dessert, or wine on board.  The London Eye also offers a chocolate and truffle tasting private experience, a wine tasting party, and a champagne tasting experience.  Of course, if you're just interested in a standard 30-minute ride, prices are £19.20 for those over 16, £12.30 from 4-15 years old, and free for children under 4.  A family of four ticket is £63.00.  Online ticket purchases offer a savings of up to 20%.

On a clear day, the views are endless.


  1. Hi I just back from my London vacation and loved the views of Big Ben & the London Eye! Someday I will return to there again. I love your photos.
    Julie from

  2. I thought that riding the London Eye was a once-in-a-lifetime experience but we're heading back to London next week and apparently we are riding it again! Your kids are so little in the photos - they are adorable! Emma was about that age (6) when we were there last and she was bored after the first five minutes of the ride - hopefully she finds it more interesting this time.

  3. I had my best travel experience at London Eye.

  4. I should have read this before I complained about whether I should spend money to go on the london eye or not. I feel like I used to be at least in London so often that I was feeling like a disillusioned local perhaps :) The views look fantastic however so I might have to reconsider.

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