Friday, October 10, 2014

Aqueduct of Silver Water in Évora

A stretch of the Silver Water Aqueduct.

Although there is grand evidence of ancient Roman civilization in the Portuguese city of Évora - seen in the ruins of the Temple Diana - the huge aqueduct there was not built by the Romans, it was constructed by King João III in 1531-1537 to bring water into the city.  The Aqueduct of Silver Water is a prominent sight throughout Évora, as it stretches for 6 miles and is 85 feet tall at its peak.  

The most interesting thing about the aqueduct however, is the southern section where it weaves through town.  Over the centuries, houses, shops, and cafés have nuzzled themselves into and under the arches of the aqueduct.  Look at this Évora home:

It is fascinating to walk through this part of town.

Homes built right into the arches of the aqueduct.

The Silver Water Aqueduct is considered one of the greatest 16th century architectural structures on the Iberian Peninsula.


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