Wednesday, October 20, 2010

London - Part II - My Favorite Part

After a few days in London on our first European adventure with little ones, the jetlag had subsided, we were acclimated to adventure, and we were ready to conquer the mainland.  The Eurostar awaited us.

The Eurostar, affectionately known as the Chunnel Train, is a high-speed passenger rail service from London to Paris and Brussels.  Imagine the wide eyes and the questions you will get from your youngsters when you tell them you’ll be taking a train through a tunnel under the ocean!  The Eurostar experience is practically a destination in itself.  Bring snacks or a sack lunch for the ride and enjoy every minute of your children's fascination and wonder!  It was the first thing my 1st grader wrote about in his back-to-school "What I Did on My Summer Vacation" project.

The Eurostar train takes you from London to either Paris or Brussels.  But here’s my favorite part:  if you travel to Brussels, the Belgian railway will let you ride to any other Belgian destination on the same ticket the same day!  So after a few days in the bustling city of London, go directly to the afore-mentioned relaxing, small beach town of Blankenberge.  The Eurostar leg takes about 3 hours and the ride from Brussels to Blankenberge only about 1 ½ hours.  Kick back on the beach with your kids and think about where you will go next!


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