Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself

I’m a Europhile.  It’s in my blood and I want to breed it into my children.  Not just the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Acropolis and the Oktoberfest, but the quaint country villages, the colorful Dutch cheese markets, the sound of cowbells tinkling in the Alps, and the aroma of my aunt’s kitchen in Tiefenthal, Germany, after she’s baked Hefekissele.  Those Euro smells, they’re unmistakable.  Nothing triggers my memories of Europe quicker than the unexpected aroma of a musty cellar, Fanta soda, a cool damp forest, fruit at an outdoor market, fresh baguettes, stale beer (um yeah, that reminds me of my college dorm, too) and even cigarette smoke and diesel fuel.

But the idea of bringing young children on a vacation to Europe is daunting, and teenagers, well . . . what if they roll their eyes at everything?  What if, to the horror of all teenagers, they are bored?  Is it even worth spending all that money to go?

I think it is priceless to bring the kids at any age.  I’d like to invite you to share my enthusiasm in planning how to do it, even on a budget.


  1. Hi Sonja, it's so interesting to see how a blog unfolds, to start at the beginning and see the transformation. As somebody that only published her first post about 2 weeks ago, I have a lot to learn. I'd like to follow but you've got a glitch with your follow box at the moment.Thanks for checking out my site, I'll check back here soon.I grew up travelling Europe, my current love is Asia but we should be travelling Europe with the kids in a year or so, too much learning there for them to miss out on (cheese and wine for me too!) Alyson at World Travel Family.

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