Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ten Random Train Travel Tips

1.  You may be on the right train, but are you on the right car?  Always check the outside of the train car you’re riding in to make sure it’s actually going to your destination.  Sometimes trains decouple and split off in different directions.

2.  Sometimes - especially during high season - it's worth the extra money to buy a 1st class ticket for regional trains that don't require seat reservations, or you might be standing in the aisles for a long time.

3.  A 1st class Eurail Pass is not available to one person traveling solo.  Only for two or more people traveling together.

4.  In many train stations, buying a rail ticket at an automated ticket machine is cheaper than buying it at the ticket counter.

5.  Use the bathroom before you get off the train.  It's free.

6.  Bring your own food, snacks, and drinks on the train.  It's less expensive than the dining car.

7.  When riding a night train across international borders, try not to panic when the train conductor takes your passport for the night.  They'll give it back.

8.  If you have a single country or multi-country Eurail Pass but wish to travel through a country where your pass is not valid, you will have to pay for the leg of the trip through that country even if you don't stop or change trains in that country.

9.  If you find a compartment train car, enjoy it - they won't be around much longer.

10.  Train stations in Europe are great resources for tourist information, city maps, currency exchange, inexpensive food vendors, and (sometimes free) bathrooms.


  1. Okay, now that you've totally confused me . . . I'm going to bookmark this page!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, following you back

  3. I just gave you the ONE LOVELY BLG Award. You can check it out here http://kissedbyafrog.blogspot.com/2011/06/one-lovely-blog-award.html
    I am really looking forward to getting to know you better and reading your blog!

  4. I enjoyed reading your post as it was really informative. I haven't rode a train but if I do I am now more prepared. Thanks so much for you visit and I'm following back.

  5. Great tips! Especially about the bathroom!!! I made that mistake in Goteborg and it cost me, literally ;)

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  7. Wonderful post, thanks for all the info :) I love travelling with trains, it maybe slower but it`s cheaper and I find it very relaxing and amusing. cheap hotels in Derby

  8. Whether you travel by water land or air, it is important to be prepared on everything. One must be able to foresee things that could happen to have an early back up and prevent problems that could ruin your travel.

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  10. “ If you find a compartment train car, enjoy it - they won't be around much longer”. This is realy truth . Great tips for a perfect trip .

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  13. Hey Sonja,

    Thanks for this post. We are taking our two kids on a trip across Europe at the start of next year and I am searching around for lots of tips like these as we are a bit nervous about the whole thing!



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