Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hotel Recommendation: Haus Cian in Hallstatt

Visiting a magnificent alpine town like Hallstatt, Austria, calls for excellent accommodations, and Haus Cian, at the edge of Lake Hallstätter, is exactly that.  I'm pretty sure that all the panoramic picture postcards of Hallstatt were taken from the balcony of our room at Haus Cian, that's how impressive the view is.  Our room was actually an apartment, which is, as I've recommended before, the perfect solution for traveling families.

On the balcony at Haus Cian.

An apartment kitchen is a sanity-saver when the kids are young and restless in restaurants, and a money-saver when the kids are any age.  Our 3rd floor suite in Hallstatt had a fully-stocked kitchen and a charming little eating nook with another view out over Lake Hallstätter.  Daily after sightseeing we'd pick up some food items at the grocery shop around the corner and whip up some spaghetti or chicken and rice and enjoy it in the apartment with our five-star view.

Haus Cian is in the middle of this lovely setting.

My husband and I had a private bedroom in the apartment with another balcony and view, and the kids shared the pull-out sofa in the large living room:

Gotta love those big, fluffy, down comforters.

Haus Cian's location is on the outer edge of the village, but no problem because the town is small enough to walk from end to end in 15 minutes.  Although the website quotes prices for weekly stays, the lovely Frau Madlberger let us the apartment for only 85€/night.  The Haus does not have a restaurant but there are several in town - highly recommended is the fish at Gasthof Zauner.  To read more about the many great family activities in Hallstatt read my earlier post about this little alpine gem.

Why would you stay anywhere else?


  1. I think it's impossible to find down comforters like the ones they have in Austria/Germany. Or maybe it's just the special something they add to the beds that make them sleep so well??

  2. What a beautiful setting. It looks so serene and the kids sleeping just adds to that.

  3. What a lovely place to spend the night! I loved all the little hotels that we stayed in like this when we traveled around Austria and Germany. And I agree with Anne, since Christmas of 09 I have been on the search for a down comforter similar to one from a hotel we stayed in. I have yet to find one!

  4. I love to find apartments when we are traveling as well - it makes life so much easier to have the extra space and a kitchen. This one looks delightful!

  5. This place is totally dreamy! Want to go there now! My last couple years have been far too devoid of European time.

  6. Hello, thanks for the recommendation, it is excellent for us as we intend to travel to Hallstatt with our two kids. We are also Europhiles and like travelling as a family, discovering known and unknown places. I will follow your blog from now on ;)


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