Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finalizing the Switzerland Plans

Held a big meeting last week with the parents and Girl Scouts that I'm taking to Switzerland in December.  Collected the final payment and reviewed important information that I didn't want anyone to miss.  My meeting agenda looked like this:

•  Transportation to/from airport
-       I need to know whether you wish to see your daughter off at the airport or if she needs a ride

•  Minors traveling overseas without parents
-     parents will sign letter of consent

•  Baggage restrictions
-       one purse, one carry-on, one checked bag
-       overweight charges are $100 - $200!!
-       you must be able to carry ALL your bags yourself, up and down stairs

-       waterproof, insulated, comfortable snow/walking boots are critical
-       wool socks, not cotton
-       base layer, insulating layer, and outer layer
-       waterproof, insulated snow jacket is critical
-       ski clothes include snow pants, snow jacket, waterproof gloves, hat, scarf

•  What to bring in your carry-on bag
-       socks or slippers, headphones for movie/music
-       highly recommend NOT to bring cell phones, laptops, or iPads

•  Electricity
-     all electrical devices (camera chargers, hair dryers, etc.) will require an electrical converter and adapter

•  Skiing
-     was not in our original budget.  Will cost between $85 - $120.

•  Money
-       no $100 bills
-       an ATM card is required
-       a prepaid, reloadable credit card is required in case of emergency
-       absolutely no traveler’s checks
-       how much for snacks, souvenirs, extras?

•  Parents sign paperwork


The meeting went well, I thought.  I brought my suitcase and filled it up with winter clothes as I presented each item ("these are what waterproof, insulated boots look like") and when it was full, we weighed it.  Much to my relief it weighed in at 24.2 lbs., which means I can still stuff it with twice as much!  Hooray, because my fashion sense is a little disturbed by wearing the same winter coat for 10 days in a row.  And of course I'd like to bring a variety of neck scarves.  An extra pair of boots would be nice, too.  Yeah, just like always, I'll probably overpack.


  1. I want you to plan my next trip! I love your organization and I am sure each parent is secure knowing their daughter will be in your safe, well-prepared hands!
    SO excited for you and for these girls. You are building life-long memories with them!

  2. You even brought visual aids? You totally rock!!

  3. Great post indeed, 100 % Convenient, thanks :)


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