Friday, October 7, 2011

Photo Friday: Euro Disney

All this talk about the grand opening of Aulani, Disney's new resort in Hawaii, makes me reminisce about Euro Disneyland in Paris.  

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  1. What did you think of Euro Disney? We may be in Paris for a few days in March and I don't know if I should consider a trip there. The kids would be thrilled but I'm worried about missing other things if we spend a day there.

  2. i know! i'm hoping to make it out to aulani in the next few months.

    You're Invited: fall in love with mark.

  3. We've yet to make it to EuroDisney, although there is a certain pressure from my 10-year-old. Have you been to Parque Asterix as well?

  4. @Sophie I haven't been to Parque Asterix, though my son really likes Asterix.

    @Lisa Depends on the ages of your kids. Check out my post about it at

  5. I love Disneyland Paris. Hope to make it back there soon. And Aulani as well.

  6. I´ve never heard about Parque Asterix! Where is it? And is it as good as Disneyland? We´ll go there in May, it´s the second time.


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