Friday, April 27, 2012

Photo Friday: Do These Things Have a Name?

What are these things called and why do kids love them so much?  

At the marionette museum in Salzburg.

Inside the Tower Bridge in London.

On the Champs Élysées during the Tour de France.

A variation on the idea at the Louvre.


  1. Great photos! I've heard them referred to as cutouts but not sure if that's what they are really called. They are a bit like playing dress up, I think. My girls have always loved to have their pics taken like this as well so that they have the funny photo memories when we return home.

  2. I do think cutouts is the correct name. They drive me nuts because my kids (and wife) have to stop at each and every one for a picture. If they ever make a museum of just cutouts, I'm sure we'd have to be the first to visit.

  3. Not sure what they are called, but I love your collection! And you are love them. There is a very nice one standing outside of the Junibacken museum in Sweden...Pippi Longstocking characters.

  4. I love this photo collection! I've heard of them being referred to as tourist cut outs as well. My kids feel the need to pose with/on it too. Your London Tower Bridge one is perfect!

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