Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Friday: Jamón, Jamón Everywhere

It is particularly convenient when traveling to Spain to like ham.  Jamón.  Pronunciation: huh-MOAN.  You will become very familiar with that word.  In fact, you will probably start singing it, setting the word to little rhymes in your head.

Jamón, Spanish ham, everywhere that you see,
Jamón, smoked and sliced, on a sandwich for me!

Packed up in its packings, its ribbons, its wrappings,
Its snoof and its fuzzles, its tringlers and trappings!

It hangs in the shops, in the cafés, and bars,
Take it home on your bikes, on your trikes, and your cars!

Cured, dried, and salted, aged, brined, and stewed,
Lean, fat, or boneless, it's glorious food!

And the Spaniards, young and old, will sit down to a feast.
And they'll feast!  And they'll feast!  And they'll FEAST!  FEAST!  FEAST!  FEAST!  

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  1. Love the poem. Breakfast time- you've made me quite peckish.
    How's it going- are you home again? I've missed most of your posts. Will have a catch-up.

    1. Thanks! We are home again. Love reliving the trip through photos. We had a great time.

  2. I never knew what that was - thanks for the lesson! And in a fun song too!

  3. Those Jamon Ruffles look delicious. In Malaysia, ham and all pork is hard to find because it's not permitted for Muslims. Ham has turned out to be a real treat for us.

  4. Wow, what a great post, and I'll be humming all day long! :) Enjoy your weekend!

  5. I feel like there should be some who's from whoville dancing around at the moment? All we need is the who beast! Love the song. It is now in my head too. Wonder if you could sell it to pig farmers in spain? Hmmm....And my husband will be asking for those chips. So will the little guy. They LOVE ham!

  6. Wow that looks really good. I think I remember trying some when I last traveled to Spain.

  7. I wonder if they put it on cupcakes like bacon in Seattle. What a fun post:) The chips look intriguing too.

  8. We loved all the Jamon in Spain! My kids were addicted to them by the time we left especially the little sandwiches. It's too bad we didn't see those Ruffles.

  9. Great photos. Spain was one of my favorite places to visit for the food. Each country and region has its specialty and jamon is definitely it in Spain. Thanks for the reminder!


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