Thursday, August 9, 2012

Travel With Your Kids While You Can

Taken from the Empire State Building observation deck.

Just got back from the Big Apple last night.  We met some of my German relatives there before they hit more of the U.S. and then eventually end up at our house on the West coast in a few weeks.  We had to travel without my daughter because, much to everyone's disappointment, we had to cancel her ticket in the last moment.

Why?  The answer is my big travel tip for the day:  travel with your kids as much as you can before they get to high school.  Once they're in high school, they're no longer yours.  In high school they belong to their sports, their SAT prep classes, and their part-time jobs.  My daughter is on her high school dance team, and they decided to hold a mandatory dance camp overnight the same weekend we had our trip to New York.  The word mandatory comes up a lot in high school sports . . . in other words, if you don't attend, you're not on the team.  My daughter was crushed and we missed her terribly in New York.


  1. Great post. It's always fun to bring the little ones:)

  2. How disappointing for her! You are so right about traveling with the kids while you can - it doesn't take long before their lives start to interfere with the family's travel plans.

  3. I know what you mean! We've already prepaid a getaway for the end if this month. It turns out the Boy Scouts have a campout for one of those nights. I already know my tween will be upset at missing camping.


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