Monday, October 22, 2012

Magical Mittenwald

Said to be one of the most charming villages in Germany, Mittenwald has so much to see and do for families with children of all ages.  We stayed there three nights in 2007 when the kids were 11 and 8 years old in a very large apartment, Haus Schaaf, run by the Müller family, for only 85€ a night at the time.

Mittenwald is known for its Lüftlmahlerei, or Lüftl art, the characteristic large painted scenes on many houses in Alpine regions.  This art dates back to the 18th century when wealthy landowners showed their wealth and status by commissioning these frescos on the facades of their homes.  There are stunning examples in Mittenwald.

The pink, frescoed clock tower of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, above, is unique in Germany and was painted to look as if it were made of marble.  Visit the extravagant rococo interior of this town landmark.

My kids were highly entertained by the icy cold creek that runs straight down through the center of the walking district in Mittenwald.

The architectural beauty of Mittenwald is even more breathtaking set against its rocky Alpine backdrop.

On the balcony of our apartment rental in Mittenwald.

Mittenwald has been acclaimed for its master violin making since the 18th century and boasts a renowned State School for Violin Making.  Many violin workshops inhabit the city and several allow visitors to watch them work.  I have listed resources for this activity in another post.

The precious town of Mittenwald is an attraction in itself, but you will also enjoy venturing a little bit outside the village.  A short distance away is the tiny Lautersee, or Lake Lauter, where you can rent small motor boats, swim, or dine on wurst and sauerkraut on the shore.

The lake was so uncrowded that the kids piloted most of the time.

An awesome hike (actually more like just a walk) designed especially for kids is nearby in the Leutasch Valley.  The Geisterklamm, or Spirit Gorge, is a well-protected trail along ancient cliffs, swirling glacier waters, and dramatic waterfalls which you can learn details about in an earlier post here.

Lots to see in the Spirit Gorge on the Austria/Germany border.

Mittenwald is about one and a half hours by train from Munich, Germany.  Why not base yourself in this charming town when visiting Bavaria and take a day trip to Munich, instead of the other way around?  You'll find the atmosphere much more relaxing and family-friendly than staying in a big city, where crowded streets and immense cathedrals may overwhelm young children.  Mittenwald is a marvelous solution to that.

The lovely town of Mittenwald in the distance.


  1. What a most beautiful place! This is a family memory you will treasure forever! Thanks for sharing your moments and the superb area!

  2. How I long to visit Mittenwald! After reading this beautiful post and EuroTravelista's article, Mittenwald has moved to the very top of my places to see in Germany! Thank you for all the information about Lüftlmahlerei or Lüftl art...I have never heard of this and will definitely research a little more to find out about this extraordinary art! Wonderful tour my friend.

  3. Mittenwald is so beautiful! As I was reading the post, I was thinking that I would go just for the beautiful painted buildings and then I saw the Alps - stunning! And that creek running through the village is pretty cool too!

  4. Those are gorgeous photos! What a wonderful trip!

  5. Spectacular pics, Sonja. The kids must have had a blast piloting that boat. The creek in a channel looks exactly like the feature at the new kiddies' playground in my neighborhood in East Toronto. Instead of the old-style circular wading pool that had to be drained every night and was pretty deep in the middle, the new water feature is a long, shallow winding stream that begins and ends with a little waterfall, in between running over a few embedded natural stones, forming rivulet patterns. All ages can enjoy, from babies to parents. Just like Mittenwald, by the looks of it!

  6. Hi Sonja!

    Glad you found me on the Aloha hop, and thank you for the follow. I have returned the follow and I am excited to read along. These pictures are amazing!

    -Krystal @ Wildflowers3

  7. Wow what a beautiful place; I would love to visit there. I like the picture of the bridge over the water.

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