Sunday, October 7, 2012

Capture the Color Photo Contest

I'm embarrassed at how long it took me to respond to my nomination (by Lisa Goodmurphy at Gone With The Family) to participate in the Capture the Colour blog contest by Travel Supermarket.  In fact, I waited so long, the contest is over.  See the beautiful winning entries here.

Oh well.  I had fun looking through my old digital files.  The object of the game was to select a photo from one's archives that best captures each of the following colors:  BlueGreenYellowWhite and Red.  Here are my picks:


Royal Blue Delft is the exquisite, hand-painted, trademark porcelain of the Netherlands, crafted exclusively in the small town of Delft for over three and a half centuries.  Traditional designs are pastoral Dutch scenes such as windmills, sailing ships, and tulips.  We toured the oldest Delftware factory in the summer of 2010 and were fascinated by the history and technique of this ceramic art.  In the photo above, one can see the before and after of a vase.  The artists use black paint containing cobalt oxide to paint their design, which then turns blue during firing.  By adding more or less water, the craftsmen determine the final color and shade of blue.


My two kids, coincidentally both wearing green, at the Lautersee (Lauter Lake) in Mittenwald, Germany.  We came upon this lake by accident on a drive, and ended up staying all day.  We rented a motorboat and let the kids pilot it, hand-fed some goats, and ate Bratwurst at the Gasthaus on the lake shore.


Gouda cheese is for sale (and sampling!) every Thursday morning at the cheese market in Gouda, the Netherlands!


This might perhaps be my favorite picture taken in Spain last summer.  It's just a nameless narrow alleyway in the precious white hill town of Vejer in Andalusia.


The only thing missing here is a red double-decker bus!  London is one of the best places to take young childen in Europe - there's so much to see and do!


  1. Hmmm...Yellow makes me hungry, but red makes me want to jump on a plane. Which one were you going for again?

  2. The house in white seems like mine. So that it is looking more beautiful to me

  3. Great choices! I love the pic of the kids in Mittenwald - they are so tiny!!


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