Friday, January 11, 2013

Photo Friday: Lovely Playa El Salón in Nerja

The coastal town of Nerja in Spain has at least ten beaches, or playas, and one of our favorites to visit last summer was the genuinely lovely Playa el Salón.  

To reach Playa el Salón, just follow the inlaid path which leads off to the right of the Balcony of Europe and you will soon see one of Nerja's informational beach signs indicating you've arrived.

My kids immediately climbed to the top of this cool rock formation by the water and demanded a photo of the achievement:

The beach sand is a bit coarse, but at least it's not shingle, and the Mediterranean water was a nice, mild temperature on this hot July day. 

I love the way the building below is built into the cliff - I think it's a bar, however I can't imagine why it would be closed in the summer.

My daughter and I found it quite picturesque.

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  1. Love that first photo! Following along on your Spanish adventure has really made me want to travel there now too! All the best for 2013!

  2. Beautiful and picturesque shots! I've been loving your beach pictures from Spain and Portugal. We never made it to the coast but would want to visit. That is a very cool building built on a cliff.

  3. It looks great. We are an spanish family who likes travel a lot. We have a blog: and we post a lot of sagesttions about traveling in Europe.

  4. I visit so many times in Spain with family but never heard about Playa El Salón in Nerja. You looking fabulous in that green dress...This is perfect beach destination for my next trip and i am sure all family members really enjoyed at this new place. So i decide to book villa near beach side and looking for some discount also.

    1. Thank you for the compliment ... it's my daughter that's looking fabulous in the green dress. :)


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