Monday, January 7, 2013

Reunion Party

Ready to make Swiss fondue!

On New Year's Eve last weekend my daughter threw a Switzerland reunion party to celebrate our trip last year with her Girl Scout troop of eight girls to Our Chalet, the international program center for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in Adelboden, Switzerland.  Fortunately all seven girls were available to come over to our house and they spent the evening watching the handycam videos from the trip and recalling the good times.

Wanting to make the memories as authentic as possible, my daughter and I planned a full Swiss menu for the party despite having never attempted any of these dishes before.  We got lucky with the results, too, considering we pretty much just used the first recipes that popped up on Google for Swiss fondue, Glühwein, rösti, and crepes!

We used Gruyère cheese purchased from the supermarket (not readily available in every supermarket around here, I discovered!) for the fondue and dipped cubed French bread and baby potatoes.

I found a non-alcoholic recipe for Glühwein (mulled wine) that was quite tasty:

Rösti is really just hash browns with cheese.  What's interesting is that when we were served rösti in Switzerland it was more of a baked casserole, but in all the Google recipes I looked at the shredded potatoes were pressed and flipped in a frying pan with butter.  We tried it this way and it was scrumptious:

As for the crepes, I learned you don't need a crepe maker at all.  A frying pan works perfectly well.  The batter was simple and we even made it the day before and kept it in the refrigerator until we needed  it.  A little Nutella, whipped cream, and strawberries and the girls were in heaven.

Lastly, I made each of the eight girls a memory photo book as a gift.  I used, but after taking a look at I think they might have more layout options and embellishments.  This being only my second attempt at creating a photo book though it's probably better that I stuck to the simpler design program.

Have you ever made a photo book on-line?  I'd be interested to know what program or service you used and if you recommend it!


  1. I have never made a photo book online but I am coming to your house next new year's eve!!!

  2. I'm very impressed that you went to so much trouble for a reunion party for the girls - how much fun!! I made my first ever online photo book after our Paris trip and used Shutterfly because they asked me to review their product. It was simple (which I need) and turned out nicely (which I was happy about) so I'll definitely try it again. Not sure how it compares to the other products out there. Happy New Year!!!

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