Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid

I would have eaten every meal of the day at the Market of San Miguel in Madrid if I could have.  Grazing around and nibbling at all kinds of tapas and sweets is just my thing.  A little chorizo here, a few empanadillas there.  A glass of sangria if it's after noon and a bite of chocolate con churros in between.  Yum.  

The attractive, iron-structured, covered market in the heart of Madrid beside the Plaza Mayor is a great place for travelers to visit and shop.  There are over 30 stalls of pre-made delicacies, wine bars, florists, and fresh fruit and vegetables for purchase.

Why don't I let the photos do the talking:

You'll get no complaints from the kids if you're eating here because there's so much to choose from and there are plenty of french fry vendors!


  1. Oh my what yummy treats you have presented here. Great photos, the first one especially, such detail in style. I like the design very much. Looks like you're all having fun.

  2. Nice suggestions! I like the post. Thanks for sharing.


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