Saturday, November 16, 2013

Review of Café-Restaurant Des Remparts in Gruyères

Café-Restaurant Des Remparts
If you're ever in the incredibly precious town of Gruyères in Switzerland and find yourself a little or a lot hungry, you have my recommendation to try Café-Restaurant Des Remparts, right on Rue du Bourg, the only street through the old town.  Gruyères is of course famous for its cheese, so you will definitely want to try Des Remparts's fondue.  Served with fresh bread and baby potatoes, it is creamy delicious.

We also tried an excellent soup - I believe it was asparagus cheese soup:

My daughter had croquettes that were very good:

The scenery out of the big picture windows of the town below and the low mountains is fabulous:

Below is the children's menu for your little ones:

Café-Restaurant Des Remparts is located at Rue du Bourg 19 in Gruyères, Switzerland.

Lovin' the Swiss fondue!


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