Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Perfect Souvenir

Have you ever spent an entire day at an amusement park with a giant, plush Shamu under your arm because your child wouldn’t stop begging until you bought it?  Or even worse, with an oversized (and unbelievably overpriced) Mickey Mouse balloon tied to your stroller?  Since you couldn’t take Shamu or Mickey on the rides with you, did you worry every time you disembarked the carousel or Splash Mountain that they had been stolen from your baby carriage?

Don’t get me wrong, I like to buy my kids souvenirs to remember special moments and special places.  But I tell you, I sure breathed a sigh of relief when my daughter decided she was going to collect souvenir thimbles.  Little, tiny, precious thimbles.  Easy to find.  Affordable to buy.  Small enough to carry around all day.  Simple to pack.  Compactly organized at home in a dust-free display case.  The perfect souvenir.


  1. Lucky you! Are those ceramic? Like all of them?! Wow your daughter sure has taste! She'd appreciate them more when she's older.

  2. My step mom collects thimbles. I would guess she has a thousand.


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