Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ornament Collection

Royal Blue Delft from
Delft, The Netherlands

I mentioned in a previous post that thimbles are the perfect souvenir.  Well, Christmas ornaments are pretty darn close.  That mini Eiffel Tower you bought, that bejeweled Spanish matador, and that cute little pair of wooden shoes?  They’ll just collect dust on your shelves.  Turn them into Christmas ornaments and it's like a surprise every December, a flood of happy memories from your vacations, every time you open that big box of Christmas decorations.  Here are some from my collection:

Bavarian "Hampelmann" ornament

Nutcracker from Germany

Violin from Mittenwald, Germany
Where else?

Murano glass gondolier from Venice
Famous decorated egg shell
ornament from Salzburg, Austria


  1. LOVE these! My tree is full of travel memories too!

  2. We collect ornaments everywhere we go. My kids love hearing the stories of where they came from as they hang them on the tree!

  3. Any chance you could provide info on where you purchased the Gondolier? My husbands broke in an unfortunate china cabinet incident. He bought it on a trip to Venice with his mother who has passed and ibam desperately trying to suprise him with a replica.

    1. I bought mine in Venice too, so you might have to do some traveling!


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