Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Rooster of Barcelos

We put up our Christmas tree last weekend and proudly featured this year's newest ornaments in the front and center.  We collect Christmas ornaments when we travel, something that symbolizes where we visited, so this summer we got a Spanish flamenco dancer and a ceramic Rooster of Barcelos, the symbol of Portugal.

Do you know the legend of the cock of Barcelos?  I wasn't familiar with the story until we traveled to Portugal this summer.  Read it in the photo below.

If your reading glasses aren't within reach, here's the text:

At a banquet given by a rich landowner in Barcelos the silver was stolen and one of the guests was accused of the theft.  He was tried by the court and was found guilty.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence against him he still protested his innocence.  The magistrate granted the man a final chance to prove his case.  Seeing a cock in a basket nearby he said, "If I am innocent the cock will crow."  The cock crowed and the prisoner was allowed to go free.


  1. What a wonderful idea -- to collect ornaments as you travel! We should do that for each place we live. Although, I did try to find a "Singapore" Christmas ornament, which is where my family lives now, but everything looks like something I can get back in the states. I'm not giving up though!


  2. Ornaments from your travels are great souvenirs. I have a few, but haven't been diligent about collecting them. The flamenco dancer is very cute. Happy holidays!


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