Monday, December 17, 2012

Renting an Apartment in Tarifa, Spain

It's usually my job to research and reserve our vacation hotels and apartments, but since it was my husband's idea to windsurf in Tarifa, Spain, and I wasn't sure exactly where he wanted to be located for this adventure, I left this booking up to him.  And he did a very fine job!  Our large, sunny apartment right on the beach was terrific.

View from our balcony in Tarifa.

An apartment, rather than a hotel, was exactly what we needed in Tarifa because having a kitchen after a tiring day of activity means being able to quietly cook and eat a large pot of spaghetti for dinner on the balcony, instead of heading out again to sit at a restaurant.  The large and always busy Supermercado right in town is convenient for just about everything one needs in Tarifa.

The kitchen in our Tarifa apartment.

Enjoying meals on our balcony.

The teeny bedroom with bunk beds is perfect for the kids, and the separate bedroom for parents is nice.

The living room leads out to the balcony, from which we enjoyed beautiful sunsets every evening.

The apartment units surround a small (unheated) swimming pool with toilet facilities and a well-kept grassy lawn.  The Costa de la Luz beach in front of the complex is sandy and wide; a paved walking promenade heads all the way into the center of town, a little over a mile away.

Notice the washing machine in the kitchen photo?  A washing machine is a necessity when you're spending four days in the sun and sand, but do you know what is an even greater necessity?  Electrical power to operate the washing machine.  Yes, as you travel deeper into southern Mediterranean lands, you do tend to encounter dysfunctional public infrastructure more and more frequently.  In Tarifa it began at sundown, when residents turned on their lights and electric cooking stoves and I turned on the washing machine whilst simultaneously attempting to boil a pot of water.  It was the first night, and as the wash cycle began and the front-loading washer door locked, the power went out for the rest of the night and an entire load of whites sat soaking in its own dirty water for 12 hours.  When power returned  the next morning, the undergarments and t-shirts now in various unattractive shades of gray enlightened us to the wisdom of running the washing machine during daylight hours only.

We paid 105€ per night for our apartment and thought it well worth it.  Hubby had booked it on-line through, a private holiday accommodation rental service with an office in downtown Tarifa.  When we picked up the apartment key there the staff was extremely helpful and spoke English well.  I highly recommend their website and service.  Just be sure to bring a flashlight to their rentals in Tarifa.

Can you see us on our balcony?


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