Friday, December 7, 2012

Photo Friday: Christmas Shopping in Zurich

Remembering the various little street shopping stalls in Zurich last Christmas . . .

Such great memories for these eight girls.

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  1. Those stalls look so wonderful to shop in. It may be a little dangerous for me being around those though. What a memorable trip for the girls.

  2. That must have been such an amazing trip! I have wanted to visit European Christmas markets for so long but didn't think that it was going to be possible with kids in school. I was assuming that they closed before Christmas though and if I remember correctly your trip was post-Christmas. If I was to go to Europe for New Year's would I still be able to see Christmas markets?

  3. No, unfortunately the markets were already all shut down when we arrived on December 26th. My photos are just a few street vendor stalls still around after Christmas.

  4. Looks so festive! The photos are definitely inspiring me to travel to Europe some day during the Christmas season so that I can check out the markets!

    Happy Holidays!


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