Monday, January 17, 2011

Movie Monday: National Lampoon's European Vacation

Don’t make the same mistake we did and think that watching National Lampoon’s European Vacation with your kids before a trip to Europe is a good idea.  Sure, the film’s scenery in London, Paris, Germany and Rome is delightful, and enticing scenery is usually what I love to see in a movie.  And yes, European Vacation is rated PG-13, and my kids are 12 and 14.  But maybe I'm a prude.  What does PG-13 really mean, anyway?  “Bad language, brief nudity, sexual overtones,” is what the Motion Picture Association of America says.  European Vacation embraces all of these, and I guess “brief nudity” is subject to interpretation, since I thought it was a rather prolonged scene of topless dancers at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.  (My son laughed his head off and my daughter was embarrassed.)  There was at least one F-bomb in the film and many sexual references.  It actually kind of embarrassed ME (in front of my kids, that is.)  Hubby always says we're too overprotective and should lighten up a bit.  Showing this movie on family movie night was one way to do it.


  1. When I was a bit younger, I had always been embarrassed to have to sit through these very intimate movie moments with my parents in the same room. I guess I never figured how much more embarrassing it is for THEM (we don't pay too much attention to the movie's ratings until it's too late).

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