Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review of Hotel Nadia in Amsterdam

It’s not easy finding a hotel in Europe that will sleep a family of four.  So when I find a good one, I like to share it with others.  One such delightful place is Hotel Nadia, in Amsterdam.  Billed as a family hotel with a friendly atmosphere, it is that, as well as centrally located and moderately priced.  We stayed several nights last summer in one of Hotel Nadia’s Quad De Lux Rooms with four twin beds, a full private bathroom, a small refrigerator, and a safe.  It was a corner room, with a lovely view over Keizers Canal and Westerkerk Church.  The hotel offers a helpful 6% discount if you pay with cash, which we did, and our room was 131.60€ a night.  Not bad!

Quad room with four single beds
A breakfast buffet is included in the price and their delicately appointed breakfast room is a peaceful pleasure to dine in before hitting the sites for the day.  The location, always a critical factor in choosing a hotel, couldn’t be beat.  Right around the corner from the Anne Frank House, steps from Dam Square, and a 10 minute walk from Central Station, there’s also a tram and bus stop and a canal bus stop right outside the door.  We walked everywhere in town from the hotel.

In our Hotel Nadia Room
Westerkerk Church, viewed from our room
Right below the hotel (which is above street level) are pancake restaurants, souvenir shops, a convenience store, and a creamy gelato shop, where we stopped almost every day for a cone.  Hotel Nadia will keep your luggage if you have an early arrival or a late departure so you can sightsee without it.  Reception is staffed 24 hours a day, and the hotel is secured at all hours with a lock and buzzer.  The hotel is located at Raadhuisstraat 51, between the Keizer Canal and the Heren Canal, just beyond the Royal Palace at Dam Square.
Hotel Nadia


  1. I have been to Amsterdam on two occasions, and hope to go again one day soon. The interesting thing is that people ALWAYS mention the Red Light District when I mention that I love Amsterdam. Have you taken your children to that area or have you just toured yourselves around it? And how about the 'coffee houses'? Just wondered, as you explain the differences in cultures, how you deal (or think you might deal) with these things. I always say, "It's not good or bad, it's just different." But I've never been there with children.

  2. It's easy to avoid the main RLD with kids, but there are two other little Red Light pockets that we've wandered into and managed to get a laugh out of! See http://tinyurl.com/6anbtmb. I think children under 7 or 8 would probably be oblivious to it all, but older than that, you might have some explaining to do. And your philosophy is perfect for that!

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