Friday, June 17, 2011

Photo Friday: Happy Father's Day

He earns the money, he carries the bags, he shoots the video, he holds our place in line, he has patience beyond anything I could ever muster, he sits for hours (sometimes even days) listening to my German relatives without understanding a word they say.

He is the man who makes our travels and our lives not just possible but wonderful.

But he draws the line at wearing lederhosen.



  1. A terrific tribute! What would we do without dad to tote bags & kids?

  2. I love this post and you have given me a great idea for a father's day present! Dads are the unsung heros in many traveling tales. My husband carries the bags, holds the baby's hand while I get caught up in taking a million photos, and just holds it together when we get lost and I get annoyed. I've done solo mom travel with my son and travel with dad in tow.I much prefer dad being there every time!

  3. What a great idea for a Photo Friday post!

  4. Come on Dad. Put on the lederhosen. Don't be a spoil sport.


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