Saturday, November 12, 2011

Girl Scout International Fair

Just returned from an International Fair hosted by my daughter's Girl Scout troop.  What a terrific way to expose young girls to other countries and cultures!  Each participating Brownie or Junior troop chose a country to exhibit with a poster board of facts and photos, some food or snack from that country, and a craft or costume.  The event opened with a parade of countries, each troop waving their flag.  Then, every girl had a "passport" and she could visit the exhibits, get her passport stamped, and sample the food.  Later, each troop performed a native dance from their country or sang a song or recited facts.

I loved the little Brownies representing France, who wore berets with French poodle neck scarves and served a slice of baguette with a wedge of brie on red, blue and white paper plates.  And I also admired the girls who chose Turkey, attired in head scarves and traditional dress, and the Englanders serving tea.  I think lots of little girls left the fair today with more knowledge of the world, and that's such a good thing.

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