Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review of the Crescent Hotel in London

Naturally I was apprehensive the first time we took the kids to Europe, and a little nervous about the very first hotel we'd stay in since it would make a lasting impression.  I had carefully selected the Crescent Hotel in London, and we were not disappointed in it as a no-frills, economy hotel.  They accommodated our family of four by placing an extra single bed in one of their family rooms, which are usually triples.  It crowded the area just a bit, but when the kids are still little people it's no problem.  The private bathroom was quite spacious, so that helped.  London can get very warm in the summer and air conditioning is still a novelty in budget hotels, so another pleasing feature of our room was that it was slightly underground, in sort of a half basement, and stayed very cool.

Affordable by London's standards, the family room for four is £135 and includes a warm English breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausages, cereal, yogurt, hot porridge, fruit, tea, juice, and coffee, served in the breakfast room:

In the breakfast room at the Crescent Hotel.

The Crescent Hotel is in an 18th century Georgian building located in Bloomsbury, a quiet district in central London known for its pretty garden squares.  The nearest underground station, easily reached on foot, is Russell Square and will get you to most all the major attractions in the city.  Also very nearby is St. Pancras station, which is where you can board the Eurostar train in case you want to cross the channel to Brussels or Paris.


  1. hey - just started following your blog. Our family is probably moving to England at the end of next summer - I will save this post for sure. I look forward to using your blog for all kinds of ideas. We are planning many short trips around the rest of Europe while living there for 10 months. Thanks

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  3. Saving post in my trip files... We'll be getting over there in a few more years.

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