Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Holland Through a Child's Eyes

When I downloaded my then 11 year-old's camera with photos from Holland two summers ago, I didn't think much of them other than he's got a lot to learn about taking pictures.  Of course having a cheapo digital camera didn't help the quality, but looking at his photos of Amsterdam, Gouda, Delft, and Rotterdam now, I realize that some of them are actually quite creative, and an interesting look at Holland through a child's eyes.  Look what impressed him in Holland (the first one for obvious reasons.)

This one was actually taken in Heidelberg, Germany, but I couldn't exclude it.


  1. Thank goodness for digital cameras. It makes picture-taking for kids affordable. The photos your son took in Holland are good and he seemed to capture the distinctive things about that place that make it different from home.

  2. So the first photo did make us laugh, but there are some really beautiful snapshots in there.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. So the first photo made me laugh, but when I got down to the last I almost spit water on the screen. Thanks for the laugh da'ling.

    ~The Clumsy Coquette

  4. I love the way that kid's minds work when it comes to taking pictures. Quite often when I look at my daughter's pictures it takes me a while to figure out where a shot was taken. They see so many things I don't (although I probably would have taken the last picture too).

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