Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Day in Zurich

Our first full day of the big Girl Scout trip is slowly winding down here.  The girls are yawning and in their jammies, although still yammering away about all their new experiences today.  “Why are all the cars so small?”  “Why does the Starbucks coffee taste different?”  “What does Bahnhof mean?”  “Why does everyone smoke here?”  And, of course, “Why is everything so expensive?!”

We spent the day sightseeing here in Zurich, fortunate enough to have clear, dry weather.  Stopped in the Grossmünster Church, the Fraumünster Church with beautiful stained glass windows painted by Chagall (verboten photo I took is shown below,) walked along the Limmat River, and sampled truffles at Sprüngli Chocolate.  I’m only disappointed that Lake Zurich was not worth strolling, as it was completely shrouded in fog.  Pity the girls won’t get to see the gorgeous surrounding landscape reflected in the shimmering waters of the lake.

Stained glass by Marc Chagall at Fraumünsterkirche.

One other misfortune:  one of our eight girls was sick with the stomach flu today.  She missed everything, I’m sorry to say.  She’s feeling better now, but God help us if the bug passes successively to every one of us.  Tomorrow is a long day of train and bus travel we all need to rustle up for.  Cross your fingers for us!

In front of Sprüngli Chocolate.


  1. Wish I was there! Hope everyone is feeling better today!!

  2. Hope everyone stays healthy! Shouldn't there be snow in Switzerland?

  3. Oh no! I hope she got better and was able to enjoy some of the trip and no one else got sick.

  4. Nice Post! Hope that your sisters were able to recover & enjoy the remaining trip.
    Zurich is truly an astounding holidaying destination to travel to with family & kids. I am traveling to Switzerland tomorrow with my kids on Switzerland Tourist Visa from UK. Zurich, Geneva & Lugano are on our bucket-list. Keep us in prayers so that no body falls sick throughout the week long journey.

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