Sunday, January 22, 2012

Confiserie Sprüngli in Zurich

Although Americans are more familiar with the brand name Lindt, Sprüngli is a common household word for premium chocolate in Switzerland.  Both the renowned Lindt and Sprüngli brands of fine chocolate and chocolate related confections are manufactured by the giant Swiss-owned corporation of Lindt & Sprüngli, which sells its various products all over the world.  The company, founded in Zurich in 1836, opened a shop at Paradeplatz, a square on Bahnhofstrasse in downtown Zurich, in 1859, which is now their signature shop, restaurant, café and bar as well as a major tourist attraction.

The girls and I found Confiserie Sprüngli in its prime location on the famous shopping street (not without a bit of confusion, since there are other Sprüngli outlets on Bahnhofstrasse) and browsed around inside, drooling over their goods.  

No really - I mean seriously - how do you choose?

My daughter selected a handful of Sprüngli's exclusive confection called the Luxemburgerli - essentially two small macaroons with a center cream filling.  Their many flavors include vanilla, raspberry, chocolate, lemon, caramel, mocha, champagne, cinnamon, and more:

Sprüngli's famous little Luxemburgerli.

I went for the extraordinarily sensational Crèmeschnitte, kind of a mille-feuille (a.k.a. Napoleon) layered pastry, which the girls caught me diving into right there in the shop:

Everyone in our group bought and sampled at least something - it's a must-do in Zurich.  If we weren't such a large group we might have sat for some tea or coffee upstairs in Café Sprüngli, where it was very crowded but still offered a sophisticated ambiance:  

David Sprüngli and Rodolphe Lindt were pioneers of chocolate production in Switzerland and their secret recipes have never been revealed.  Visit next time you're in Zurich!


  1. What a wonderful trip you had! Looking through your pictures I got SO homesick for switzerland! Sigh!

  2. Those look so amazing! I especially like the coffee with Sprungli written in the foam - no one does that for me at Starbucks! I want to go to Switzerland so badly and your posts are making me want to plan the trip right now!

  3. OMG! It all looks so delicious! This definitely needs to be a stop on our ski trip to Switzerland next month. Hope it's in the same vicinity.


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