Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Program at Our Chalet

In the spirit of Girl Scouting, the experienced staff and young volunteers at Our Chalet provide numerous outdoor and indoor organized activities and programs in which its guests may choose to participate.  Depending on the season, there are guided hikes, campfires, Swiss night, sledding, rock climbing, and other (mostly free) experiences.

Our first day at Our Chalet was a pre-planned, full program day.  We were scheduled for igloo building at 10:00 and sledding (they call it sledging - is that the British term?) at 2:00.  To the girls' delight, after seeing no snow in Zurich, Adelboden was packed with several feet of beautiful, powdery, fresh snow.  And - as if ordered from the weather gods themselves - it actually snowed lightly all day long.  This group of warm weather gals was absolutely giddy with excitement.

 I wasn't sure the girls would manage to finish the igloo, especially after one of them fainted flat-faced into the snow from the altitude, but after about two hours of unexpectedly hard work, the staff leader congratulated them on being the first group in three years she'd seen actually persevere until the final brick.

After enjoying a sack lunch we'd prepared that morning at breakfast (no lunches are served in the dining hall), the girls set out behind the chalet buildings for some sledding.  Our Chalet provides toboggans, saucers, inflatables, and other sleds for downhill fun.

Evening programs we participated in during our six night stay were games, dancing, and a snow campfire on New Year's Eve.


  1. It looks like so much fun - it must have been a trip of a lifetime for them!

  2. It looks like the ladies had a wonderful time. That igloo is really cool.


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