Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Friday: 15 Minutes of Fame

How do you make a bunch of teenage girls really happy?  Get their picture published in the newspaper:

Our hometown newspaper runs a weekly "Where in the World" photo of local residents who take the publication with them on a trip and have themselves photographed with it.  Ours was printed yesterday and the girls are thrilled.

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  1. If I'd known I could have gone to Switzerland in high school, maybe I would have stuck with Girl Scouts beyond fourth grade!

  2. That's a great souvenir! Our local paper runs a feature like that too. We took a paper with us on our Baltic cruise and forgot about it until our last day in Copenhagen. Took the photo with the Hans Christian Andersen statue and then never got around to sending it to the newspaper. :)

  3. That trip keeps getting better and better. What 'cha got planned for next year?

  4. I also will be happy if my picture publish in any magazine or newspaper. Great idea to cheer others.


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