Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Canal House Apartment in Gouda

Besides being one of my favorite towns in Europe, Gouda in the Netherlands is also affordable for a family to visit.  Our studio apartment in the attic of a cute little canal house cost us only 75€ a night for the four of us in 2010.  It wasn't the most spacious of units we've ever stayed in, nor did it have a kitchen (only a microwave), but it was clean and well-located near the main square.

Aan de Gouwe Bed and Breakfast in Gouda, the Netherlands.

The apartment, Aan de Gouwe Bed and Breakfast, is owned and run by a young family that lives downstairs.  We booked the unit on, a service we've used more than once and are always very pleased with.

What impressed us the most about our stay at Aan de Gouwe though, was the breakfast spread this young mother put out for us every morning, even whilst her toddler sat quietly in a high chair in her kitchen.

This kind owner would set a table right outside on the sidewalk and bring out dish after dish after dish of food, fresh and warm from her own kitchen.  Stacks of pancakes with butter and syrup, a pile of bacon, scrambled and hard-boiled eggs, cheeses, yogurt, a large breakfast crumb cake, stroopwafels, a variety of American cold cereals, juices, coffee, cold milk, toast and Nutella.  What a great way to start each and every travel day!

And did I mention the owner was about 9 1/2 months pregnant when we were there, yet she climbed up and down these steep, narrow canal house stairs (below) with more vigor than even my kids could muster?  It made me nervous every time she ambled up balancing a tray of coffee and tea or fresh flowers for our room.

Room with a view towards Gouda.

Gouda is only a 50 minute train ride from Amsterdam, and Aan de Gouwe Bed and Breakfast is an easy walk from the train station.

Bicycles can be rented at NS Rijwielshop Gouda on the north side of the main train station and are not only a great way to get around Holland, fun for the whole family, but also a Dutch way of life.  The tourist office, known as the VVV, in Gouda at Markt 27, is very helpful with accommodations and other activities.

Aan de Gouwe Bed and Breakfast.


  1. Room with a view and an entire city with such superb views! Looks like a dream vacation to me!

  2. So you are basically helping to form my next European itinerary. Why think about it when I can just follow in your footsteps? You are going to the coolest spots! And love that you biked through the city. It is my new favorite way to travel through towns with the kids, course I need to make sure I can rent bike seats for them. Ty (6 months old) can't quite reach the petals yet ;-)

  3. Staying in a canal house sounds like the perfect way to experience the Netherlands - steep stairs and all!

  4. Those steep stairs bring back such great memories! The Netherlands are a place a dream of taking my family to someday soon!


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