Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Bunch of Bull

The Swiss love their cows, the Portuguese have their rooster, and the Spanish display their bulls.  Bulls are everywhere in Spain.  Most famously, there is the Osborne bull.  Osborne is the name of a brand of Spanish sherry, and back in the 1950s an advertising campaign for the company placed enormous, black, metal, bull silhouettes along hills and roadsides throughout the country.  There are at least 94 Osborne bulls still remaining in Spain.  Very few have the Osborne name or anything else printed on them.  

The image is so popular it has become a Spanish emblem and is even printed on postcards, souvenirs, and merchandise.

We photographed this Osborne bull in Andalusia.

Rarely does a bar or café in Spain not have a mounted bull's head or two on the wall.

And bulls are favorite characters for kids:

But my personal favorites are the real McCoy . . . the ones lazing around the fields that I photographed at rest stops and outside of town.


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