Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Chalet

I'll begin the recap of our Swiss adventure with our visit to Our Chalet in Adelboden, which was the ultimate purpose of our trip.  Take a look at this beautiful building, owned by WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) as an international program center for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts:

This main building opened in 1932, but since then several other structures have expanded the accommodations and activities for guests, special events, and conferences for Girl Guides, Girl Scouts, and leaders from all over the world.  Our beds were in the lovely Spycher Chalet, a few yards in front of the main building:

 Spycher Chalet

See the two small windows of the attic under the roof?  That was where our eight girls slept, and they loved it.  It's a dorm room with eight beds:

Impeccably clean - it's Switzerland, of course - and comfortable, with soft, warm duvets and pillows, we all slept well.  The other two chaperone moms and I had a smaller but equally comfortable room directly below, with four bunkbeds, a tall wardrobe, and a convenient table with chairs.

No membership in WAGGGS or any hosteling organization is required to stay overnight, and you would fare well here as a family, group, or budget traveler.  The dorm rooms are only 45 Swiss francs per person per night and meals are 10 CHF for breakfast, 10 CHF for a packed lunch, and 15 CHF for dinner.  There are even camping facilities available in the summer through early fall.  Meals are offered in the large dining hall:

Do you hate shared bathroom and shower facilities?  Be relieved, Our Chalet's very clean and numerous bathrooms on each floor will insure you accessibility and practical privacy most of the time.  (I used the private handicapped bathroom with its glass-enclosed, high pressure, very hot water shower most of the time.)

The staff and young girl volunteers are helpful, knowledgeable, and interesting since they are from countries all over the world.  Our favorite aides were Katie from the U.K., Anna from Finland, and Katja from Costa Rica who taught us the salsa.

The downside of Our Chalet?  Its remoteness.  Take my advice and don't refuse their advice to take a taxi from the bus stop to the chalet with your luggage.  The "20 minute steep uphill walk" took us 2 HOURS, in the dark, following misleading signage, in our heavy snow clothes, dragging our luggage through snow and ice, up an enormously steep, narrow, winding road.  When we arrived we were drenched with sweat and road splash and in very foul moods.  What I consider my greatest planning error of the trip is now my best advice to you.

With remoteness, however, usually comes beauty - in the outdoors anyway - and this location is no exception.  Our climb out of the Adelboden valley floor offered us magical views of the surrounding Alps and twinkling village below.

And finally, a big bonus for eight tired, traveling teenage girls was Skippy, Our Chalet's resident housecat:


  1. How absolutely stunning! It's clear why and how it was such a wonderful time.

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  2. How beautiful my friend!!! Great tips too.

  3. Your chalet is awesome. It has nice furniture. Location around this chalet is good. You have a big space in this chalet.

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  4. I'm exited cuz I'm going there on the 12th-18th with my Girl Guide group. But does anyone know were it is located. I want to check the weather before I leave. Can anyone help me??

    1. Our Chalet is located in Adelboden, Switzerland!

  5. so excited i'm going to our chalet in july what will the weather be like then. plus do you have a chalet cat i saw one in one of the photos. soo cute

    1. the chalets cats called Skippy and he lives there i think :-)

  6. hi i'm going our chalet in the middle of july (don't get to miss school though) for 10 days!!!!!!! so excited even thouh it's only december. what will the weather be like then. will it snow. will i need warm clothes or shorts. what are the dormitories like. will there be other guide u its from around the world there. i can't help but notce a comment that's only judst popped up at 11:30 ish in england says it's posted at 3:19 AM. is that the time in switzerlad. OMG so many questions hope you can help spread light on them. :-)


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