Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A GoPro Hero for Windsurfing

After about 8 months of entering the drawing every single day to win a GoPro Camera on, my husband finally decided the odds were against us (most of the weekly winners were from Australia) and went out and bought one.  Impressed by its small size when he took it out of the box, I said, "Oh this is great!  No more HD video tapes piling up in the drawer - it'll all be digital now!"  He said, "This camera isn't for shooting ordinary everyday stuff like the kids."  I was stumped . . . because then whatever could it be for?  "It's waterproof," he replied, "and attachable."

A-ha.  Hubby purchased a $299.00 video camera for the two days he and the kids will be windsurfing in Tarifa.  Hope he gets some good footage.

Note added after initial posting:  read about the premature passing of our brand new GoPro here.

1 comment:

  1. So now we'll get great pictures AND great videos from you.


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