Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Train With a Playroom Car

In Switzerland over Christmas we were on a train where I encountered, for the first time, a children's playroom car.  It was on an InterCity train from Zurich to Spiez.  What a marvelous amenity for travel-weary parents of small children!   The playthings were clean and colorful and a perfect way for kids to pass the time on a long train trip.

According to information I found on a website by Switzerland Flexi Tours, family cars with playrooms are available on the following lines:

•  Romanshorn - Zurich HB - Bern - Interlaken East
•  Chur - Zurich HB - Basel SBB
•  Geneva Airport - Lausanne - Bern - Zurich HB - St. Gallen
•  Basel SBB - Bern - Interlaken East

I also discovered that VR, the Finnish railway, has playrooms and family compartments on their InterCity trains and have earned "Innovation and Excellence" awards for their family-friendly carriages concept and design.

You know that when the kids are having fun, the adults enjoy the journey too!


  1. I like the idea, but that's a pretty confined space. I can imagine it gets pretty crazy in there at times.

  2. I would have loved this when we were traveling with an 18mo and a 3yo. It would have been nice to run them around in there but we may never have been able to leave! We were lucky enough to get a compartment during most all of our travels on that trip. That helped with the kids!

  3. What an amazing idea. I would have loved one like that on our travels. Too bad only a few of the large airports have such kid friendly facilities. Thanks for the info, we hope to go to Switzerland soon this summer.

  4. What a great idea! I'm sure parents with young kids find that very useful.

  5. that is awesome! We are heading to Switzerland this summer, I hope we have something like this for Baby B.


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