Saturday, May 5, 2012

Interview: A Teenager Travels

Les Invalides in Paris.
Photo credit:  Sarah

One of the girls I took to Switzerland in December had the good fortune and privilege to go back to Europe with a school group a few months later on her spring break.  Sarah (not her real name) visited London, Paris, and Barcelona with her high school French class.  I was eager to hear her report when she returned about which city she liked best, which activities she enjoyed, and the differences she noticed between the cultures of the four European countries she had now traveled to.  Like most teenage girls, Sarah talks about a mile a minute, so it was difficult to keep up with her comments and her enthusiasm, but here's the gist of it.

To Europe With Kids:  So did you have a great trip?
Sarah:  Oh my gosh, I didn't like staying in hotels!  We could only have 2 to 4 girls in one hotel room, whereas in Switzerland with you we were in hostels and could have all our friends in one room!  I love hostels so much better.  But when I told my French teacher I like hostels she made a face and said they're dirty.

To Europe With Kids:  I hope you set her straight on that.
Sarah:  I tried!  I told her they are really clean and nice.

To Europe With Kids:  You visited London, Paris, and Barcelona - which city did you like best?
Sarah:  Barcelona.  It was sunny and had the most unique style.  The shopping was awesome and the least expensive.  The people are really nice there, too.  London was too much like America since they speak English and they had a Westfield Mall.  But I loved the British Museum and I would go back to London just to spend more time in the British Museum.  The Rosetta Stone is there!  The British Museum is even cooler than the Louvre.

To Europe With Kids:  How was the food?
Sarah:  The food in London was weird, except for the fish and chips which were good.  The crêpes in Paris were awesome.  I can't believe I paid 5€ for a Sprite at the Eiffel Tower though.

To Europe With Kids:  Any other special experiences?
Sarah:  We took the Jack the Ripper tour in London and it was really cool.  I also liked climbing the stairs to the second level of the Eiffel Tower.  The night train from Paris to Barcelona was awful though - there were 6 bunkbeds in a room, three on each side, and they were so close together you couldn't sit up in bed!  I did like the swaying of the train though while I was sleeping.  I'd do it again.

Photo credit:  Sarah


  1. Okay, I clicked and scrolled down to your blog and hit liked! My daughter's first trip to Europe without us, was to France with her French class, and it was just the beginning of so many of her adventures to France, and England and Prague....I am so thankful that we were able to let her do those meaningful and educational trips! She even took classes over there during the summer of her college days!

    1. Thanks for voting for me! Yes, we are so fortunate also to be able to travel with our kids and provide for them to do trips on their own as well.

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