Monday, May 7, 2012

Stay at a Winery in Heidelberg

Think you can't go wine-tasting in Europe with little children in tow?  You can if you stay at a winery!  Besides the wine-tasting bonus, I love winery accommodations because they're usually in the countryside, are beautifully located, and family-run.  Staying at a winery offers a real unique opportunity to spend some time with a local family and enjoy the fruits of the region.

A few summers ago we stayed at Weingut Bauer (Weingut means winery in German) outside of Heidelberg in Germany.  Before anything else, let me show you what my kids loved so much about it:

That's right - a labyrinth of fun.  They spent hours running up and down every row.  They even saw deer near the back edges of the field.  No worries for us, the parents, because the vineyard was the view out our window where we could sit, sipping wine, and watch them play.

Weingut Bauer is an estate nestled in the foothills south of Heidelberg city center.  A taxi or rental car is best for getting there, but the bus will take you most of the way there with only a short walk through a lush forest:

The accommodations are apartments with fully equipped kitchens - my favorite way to overnight.  Our two bedroom apartment was excessively spacious and clean, with a queen bed in the master and two twins in the second bedroom.

The living room sofa could easily have slept another person.

Herr and Frau Bauer, the owners of Weingut Bauer, were lovely to talk to and told us all about their wines.  Tasting was available any time and their delicious Heidelberger Dachsbuckel varieties were available for sale.

The apartments for rent are in the building on the right.


  1. Oh wow that vineyard is so lush and pretty! :)
    My girl would love that labyrinth too..

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. I love traveling to places with kitchens too:) It makes it feel like you can go out if you want to, or just stay in and pretend you're at 'local'. This looks lovely!

  3. I am much glad to read about Napa. Napa is a famous place for producing wine. It is the famous city of USA. The huge quantity of wine is produced in this city. I also visit so many time in Napa Valley. Helena also looks stunning and she looks gorgeous.


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